March- April Gallery Show

Black Lab Gallery – Opening Thursday, March 17th 5pm to 9pm.

I’m excited to present all current Acrylic works at the Grand

Black Lab logo
Black Lab Gallery Logo

Opening of the new Black Lab Gallery.  The Black Lab was an old Ballard Ave art institution along with the Sev Shoon Arts Center.  The latter, moved to Sequim, WA.  The Black Lab closed so that Isabella could travel and eventually open up an artist residency studio in Mexico.  The new gallery is in Everett, WA.

Join us to hear more of her stories and see my art work in person!  Black Lab Facebook

Regarding the current works, the smaller wood block piece are all reflections of my life in Washington.  With a busy family life, I’ve dedicated my work to focus on smaller works and commission work.  If you are interested in any of these, or in creating your own vision, please let me know!

Thank you for your support!  Jaci

Delicate strength

Glass has layers and lifetimes of stories woven into what seems to be impenetrable strength.  Bound together, the weave shimmers and reflects but always allows one to see through.  Moments of fog and chaos cloud at times.  Clearing away the fear and the debris, one once again has clarity.  

Glass is not invincible however.  Anything beautiful is fragile.   


See the Trees.

What do we really see?  Perspectives vary.  My Grandmother coached me on drawing one Fall day as I struggled sketching her massive Evergreen trees in the front yard.   She was a very quiet woman, but maybe my frustration got to her.  She pulled me aside and said- stop thinking of what you are drawing and just draw what you see.


It cracked my reality.


Winter in seattle


Crisp colors electrify layers of blue and gray. Pause and reflection digs a bit deeper. Many suffer from depression this time of year. I usually feel it in February. Bundle up and get some fresh air! Stretch yourself and call friends you haven’t seen for a bit!

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